About the researcher

svencarlin-0172-kopieMy name is Sven Carlin, I am a passionate researcher as I believe that investing returns are augmented by meticulous research. The more companies you look at the better your investments will be. In order to share all the research that is being done to manage my investment fund (letitgrowfund.com – only for Dutch professional investors) and to create a place to go in order to find good European investments I decided to set up this web page.

I have been passionate about stocks and investing since I was 18. My education was also pointed into that direction and culminated by obtaining a PhD at the University of Pula in Croatia for creating a risk valuation model based on changes in accounting variables which proved better than the Fama and Frech three-factor model or the CAPM on the Croatian stock market. I am still with a leg in academia where I teach the International Financial Accounting course at the Amsterdam School of International Business.

I am always asked what is my specialty in the industry, my reply is that I focus on profit. Markets are cyclical and what is good soon turns into bad. Therefore, one must constantly analyze the risks and attach probabilities to future catalysts in order to find the best investments, no matter the sector or country.